Monday, March 28, 2011

View blog traffic in real-time

Having a real time feed with your blog traffic is very nice. If you are hosted on a machine that you have shell access, it's very simple, you can just look at the webserver logs. But what if you're hosted on free hosting platform, like blogger, wordpress etc. If you Google for "live traffic feed", you run in to "feedjit", it's actually the first result. Yes, it's that simple. Go ahead, click on it. Now click on the large, green button on the right. Choose the free option ( you can go paid if you want to fancy with it some more), and start customizing:
After you're done customizing, click "GO" and get your code:

and embed it wherever you like. If you are a blogger use, this is a third party widget, that can be embedded accordingly. As you can see, mine is on the right gadget bar. Depending on how much space you are willing to offer, you can customize it to show only the latest X entries, it doesn't really matter, because that isn't the best part. Now if you click on "Real-time view" if will open your traffic feed in a new window/tab:
What I like the most is that you can see what site referred you, and if it's a search engine, you can see what was the visitor searching and how they found you. Cool, eh ?