Monday, April 11, 2011

Make money online with PTC, part I: Clixsense

Paid to click site/service, how it works: a paid to click site is actually an advertising company where advertisers pay for their ads to be viewed and subscribers get paid to view the ads.

Paid to click is commonly known, through the communities of people that are trying to make money online, as PTC.

PTC sites offer a commission to members for referring new members (just like the other affiliate marketing programs online), or they may pay members a percentage of the clicks that their referrals make as an ongoing commission.

Always check the terms of each PTC site you are planning to subscribe to. Some sites offer more money and suddenly change their terms, turning your earned thousands of money into just a few bucks.

PTC systems' profit can also come from the direct sales of referrals or upgrade packages which are created by the owner of each PTC site.

Scams are still heavily used by newcomers who are drawn in to the websites by search engines. Scam PTC sites are known to attract new users with cheap offers for upgrades and referrals and disappear without trace after a short time.

I have tried a few PTC programs myself, and I have found three sites that I think are the most trusted: Neobux, Onbux and Clixsense.

Clixsense provides several ways to earn money:
- by viewing advertisements that are in the system. You earn commissions for every ad you see. The amount per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02;
- through promoting others to the site with the affiliate program;
- through downline click commissions, upgrade commissions and a commission from your referrals's purchases.  
The amount you make all depends on your account status (Premium or Regular). Premium members earn higher downline click commissions from their referrals, are paid more for each ad they view, are entered into an 8 level affiliate program for premium upgrades and earn signup commissions of $0.20 for every active member they promote to ClixSense.
PREMIUM account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. The cost of ugrading to PREMIUM status is $14.95 USD and is valid for 1 year from the date of upgrade. There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like signup commissions, higher downline click commissions, more chances to win in ClixGrid, more ads available, an 8-Tier affiliate program that pays you for each referral that also upgrades to PREMIUM and much more.
Clixsense offers four different types of exposure for the PTC Ads. They are Micro, Mini, Standard and Extended. Each has a different exposure time that varies from 3 to 60 seconds and with different options available. They also require a different amount of Ad Credits per click.
Members will be more tempted to click on ads with longer exposure like the Standard or Extended and because of the longer exposure higher convertion rates are to be expected.
If you're just looking to increase your website's traffic, Micro or Mini are the best choices at very low cost, however these types have limited targeting options and statistics available.

Timer (Seconds)3153060
Each Click Requires (Ad Credits)151020
Demographic Filter
Premium Filter
Detailed Statistics
Description Visible
100,000 Ad Credit Pack CPC *$0.0014$0.0070$0.0140$0.0280
* This is how much 1 click costs (CPC) if you buy a 100,000 Ad Credits PackBest Choice

The amount of ads, how often they appear and value of advertisements targeted to your specific profile is entirely dependent on the advertisers and will vary from day to day, even hour to hour.

Logging into your ClixSense account more frequently should will help you view more ads to you as you will find ads from smaller advertisers before they are consumed by other members.

ClixSense averages over 800 people logged in at most times. If an ad comes in that has 500 clicks available on it, the first 500 people who click this ad will see it. The other 300 will have to wait for other ads to come in.

You can get instant notifications of new ads by installing and the Clixsense toolbar, which is available for download here: .

If you are already a member of Clixsense and want to try something else, read part two.


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