Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Dying Bride Announces Release Date For Evinta

My Dying Bride announced, on their official website, the launch date for the long expected album "Evinta". The album is an anniversary album, celebrating 20 years of My Dying Bride.

My Dying Bride were formed by Aaron, Andy, Calvin and Rick in the summer of 1990, and after only 6 months of writing together released the now legendary demo Towards The Sinister. Progress continued apace with the release of their first 7" single God Is Alone for the small French label Listenable. The single sold out almost immediately causing eager whispers in the underground, bringing them to the attention of Peaceville Records, who offered the band a deal.

The album was initially scheduled for an October 25th, 2010 release on Peaceville Records. And we waited, and we waited... And here it is, scheduled for May 30th 2011. Woo! 

The website announcement states:

"To commemorate two decades of doom and gloom from My Dying Bride, the band embarked upon a special project to re-work familiar melodies and themes from their extensive catalogue into long, flowing symphonic compositions, incorporating new vocals and passages from Aaron Stainthorpe. Sharing vocals is professional opera singer Lucie Roche, a talented soprano from France.
These arrangements have been brought to life in co-operation with keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling (of Bal Sagoth fame) as well as a clutch of talented classical musicians and will be released on May 30th as 'Evinta', as a 2 disc set & also a deluxe 3-disc edition with 64 page book, inspired by My Dying Bride's illustrious recordings of the past two decades."

The band announces the album as:

"Evinta. A project almost 15 years in the making. An idea that has sat smoldering and never really had a reason to burn alive until now. 9 albums worth of darkness recreated anew to mark 20 years of MDB. Music arranged to the soundscapes of sorrows past. Finally the 20th anniversary allows us to release this music in a form it has been desperately, woefully waiting for. Enjoy the Darkness."

Desperately waiting for it, it will be on repeat in all my playlists for a while now. If only they provided a few samples ...


twister said...

Album is available for pre-order on Amazon: