Friday, April 15, 2011 aquired by UberMedia website announces that Mixx was recently acquired by UberMedia

UberMedia is an independent developer of applications and web-based services for communication on Twitter and other social media platforms.
UberMedia, initially called TweetUp, was founded in early 2010 by Internet entrepreneur, Bill Gross, in an effort to provide Twitter users with a way to find the world’s best Tweeters on topics of particular interest and at the same time enable Tweeters to increase their following among people keen to hear what they have to say.

Later that year, the company began to bring together under one roof many of the leading Twitter clients or apps in order to provide a platform for innovation in user experiences across the many platforms through which Twitter users send and read Tweets.

Some of the well-known applications, like UberSocial, Echofon, and Twidroyd have been created by UberMedia. Twitter applications for smartphones like BlackBerry, iPhone and Android have also been developed by UberMedia. Twidroyd and UberTwitter are the first apps on the market to deploy LivePreview™ where any embedded link – web pages, blog posts, images and video – are displayed alongside the Tweet.

It seems UberMedia already started on upgrading and improving Mixx, the Mixx Classic website has been shutdown and now only displays a "we'll be back soon message" and a e-mail address collection form which subscribes you to a newsletter that will announce the relaunch of Mixx.


Anonymous said...

Yes we all know that. Tell us something we don't know, like when is the new site coming back online. Doug.

twister said...

Subscribe to their newsletter and find out, or wait till I tell you since I already subscribed ;-)