Monday, February 28, 2011

More free twitter followers

As we all know best things in life come free, I've been digging a bit for alternate ways, other than twiends, to get free twitter followers. Nothing wrong with Twiends, it's a great tool, but it's good to have options.

So here is what Big Brother( you know what I mean ;-) ) Google came up with:

- Formulists - interests/niche list based mutual following, see detailed explanation in this forum post by Jack Moore from V7 Networks community;
- Follo - they are very much like Twiends, credits based. By following people on their site you will earn points. The higher your ranking the more followers you'll get on Twitter. The points are reset daily. If you want to get straight to the top you can become a VIP or buy points;
- Tweeti -  also based on credits and mutual following, they also have VIP to purchase if you don't have time to click around following people, or you don't want your twitter profile to show you are following many people. They say: "The number one place to get more twitter followers", which means they probably never heard about Twiends ;)
- Beefollowers - same as Tweeti or Follo, this is what they offer: +1 Points per each follow you do, -1 Points per each follower you get, 10 Points signup bonus.
- Twiveaway - they are different, this tool is designed to help you get followers based on giveaways. The principle is simple. A Twitter giveaway is just that... You give away "Something" in return for your visitors taking some sort of action. An example would be giving away a free eBook to anyone that reTweets a message you would like them to reTweet. This tool is supposed to help you run your giveaway campaigns even if you are offering free digital stuff, like eBooks, (legit) mp3 downloads etc, or if you are planning to give away touchable stuff, like ipods of whatever you are willing to give away.

There might be sever other means out there, Big Brother is your friend ;-)

But so far, Twiends is by far the best.

And what I think it makes them best is the fact that you can earn credits by visiting sites or viewing youtube videos, which doesn't load your twitter with people you are following, or your facebook with millions of pages you like. And you can use credits earned like that to get twitter followers of facebook likes.

If you still wonder what are twitter followers or facebook page fans good for, stay tuned, I'll write about it at some point ;-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Over capacity Twitter(s) LOL!

How many Twitters it takes to carry a whale ? :)

I can see the headlines: "Twitter to purchase !" -- LOL

Monday, February 21, 2011

Facebook's censorship ...

Facebook won't let you chose your friends ! You should be allowed to be friends with whoever you want to, as long as it's mutual.

I tried to add a new friend just the other day, and look what they did to me:

Isn't this outrageous ? :))

Friday, February 18, 2011

McAfee, are you for real ?

This is a follow up to my previous post about

It seems that I missed it last time, they even show a "McAfee Secure" badge. I couldn't find a McAfee free tool to scan their files with, but I have scanned with Microsoft's Security Essentials (yeah, I know, that's not necessarily trustworthy) and with F-secure's online file scan.

Yet, McAfee SiteAdvisor says its safe:

Once again, that's not the place to download your free software.

That software is free anyway, and you can download it cleanly from their original providers.

It's not even adware supported software, as in commercial, paid for software, which you can use for free as long as your watch their ads.

Check out the previous post to see where you should be actually downloading.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attention: -- adwarized software site

Open your eyes wide when you're downloading software from the internet.

There is this site, called -- I'm not gonna link to it (duh!!) -- that provides, and I quote their "About Us" section: "Only the top, high-quality open source software".

You can read it in detail, right below:

On a closer look, they added their adware/spyware/crapware/malware/sh!tware to popular software, like Pidgin, 7zip, VLC.

The installer will ask to change your browser default search page and starting page, also it will install some stupid toolbar that won't let you remove it the normal way, it will just ask you to close all IE windows even though none are open.

Watch this video for a detailed demonstration of what I mean:

So, keep away, and while I linked to legit sources for Pidgin, VLC and 7zip(see above), you can download Openoffice -- here and the Xvid code -- here or here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool place to play around with your webcam

Say you're bored out of your skull, you have a computer and a webcam.
You can go to Cameroid and take pictures :)
The interface is quite simple and user friendly:

And using the options and filter on the left you can make yourself look like this:

or this:

It's a cool place to play around, try it, if you're bored, or if you need a profile pic real quick.

Eminem in Superbowl Chrysler Commercial

Monday, February 7, 2011

Protestul şoferilor | Blocaj P_T_OM

Dintr-un mail primit, îl public pentru că sunt perfect de acord şi susţin iniţiativa:

        De maine, NU MAI ALIMENTATI DE LA P_T_OM (+ ştim noi şoferii :)!!!
        Este singura solutie de spargere a monopolului carburantilor . Lovind intr-unul singur, acesta  va avea doua solutii: sa intre in faliment sau sa scada pretul, declansand in acest fel concurenta pe piata.La fel au facut si francezii in anii '90 cand au boicotat compania SHELL, aceasta rezistand 5 zile dupa care a scazut preturile!
        Mai mult, este singura sansa prin care putem cere si obliga guvernul Romaniei si P?t?omul sa desecretizeze Contractul de Privatizare si sa aflam care sunt tradatorii acestei tari. In felul acesta se vor dezvalui si comisioanele date (pretul tradarii) si nemernicii care le-au primit (hotii natiunii).
        Imprastiati acest mesaj in proportie geometrica, astfel incat in FEBRUARIE sa fie accesat de cel putin 100.000 de romani. Pana acum el a fost trimis la peste 10000 de useri. Alatura-te si tu si trimite la cel putin 10 prieteni.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enter to win 10k twiends credits

Just got the newsletter from, Dave, who's probably the owner, is giving away 10k credits. All you have to do is follow him and tweet about the contest. Find details here.