Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attention: -- adwarized software site

Open your eyes wide when you're downloading software from the internet.

There is this site, called -- I'm not gonna link to it (duh!!) -- that provides, and I quote their "About Us" section: "Only the top, high-quality open source software".

You can read it in detail, right below:

On a closer look, they added their adware/spyware/crapware/malware/sh!tware to popular software, like Pidgin, 7zip, VLC.

The installer will ask to change your browser default search page and starting page, also it will install some stupid toolbar that won't let you remove it the normal way, it will just ask you to close all IE windows even though none are open.

Watch this video for a detailed demonstration of what I mean:

So, keep away, and while I linked to legit sources for Pidgin, VLC and 7zip(see above), you can download Openoffice -- here and the Xvid code -- here or here.