Monday, February 28, 2011

More free twitter followers

As we all know best things in life come free, I've been digging a bit for alternate ways, other than twiends, to get free twitter followers. Nothing wrong with Twiends, it's a great tool, but it's good to have options.

So here is what Big Brother( you know what I mean ;-) ) Google came up with:

- Formulists - interests/niche list based mutual following, see detailed explanation in this forum post by Jack Moore from V7 Networks community;
- Follo - they are very much like Twiends, credits based. By following people on their site you will earn points. The higher your ranking the more followers you'll get on Twitter. The points are reset daily. If you want to get straight to the top you can become a VIP or buy points;
- Tweeti -  also based on credits and mutual following, they also have VIP to purchase if you don't have time to click around following people, or you don't want your twitter profile to show you are following many people. They say: "The number one place to get more twitter followers", which means they probably never heard about Twiends ;)
- Beefollowers - same as Tweeti or Follo, this is what they offer: +1 Points per each follow you do, -1 Points per each follower you get, 10 Points signup bonus.
- Twiveaway - they are different, this tool is designed to help you get followers based on giveaways. The principle is simple. A Twitter giveaway is just that... You give away "Something" in return for your visitors taking some sort of action. An example would be giving away a free eBook to anyone that reTweets a message you would like them to reTweet. This tool is supposed to help you run your giveaway campaigns even if you are offering free digital stuff, like eBooks, (legit) mp3 downloads etc, or if you are planning to give away touchable stuff, like ipods of whatever you are willing to give away.

There might be sever other means out there, Big Brother is your friend ;-)

But so far, Twiends is by far the best.

And what I think it makes them best is the fact that you can earn credits by visiting sites or viewing youtube videos, which doesn't load your twitter with people you are following, or your facebook with millions of pages you like. And you can use credits earned like that to get twitter followers of facebook likes.

If you still wonder what are twitter followers or facebook page fans good for, stay tuned, I'll write about it at some point ;-)


Dan Wilson said...

some useful links there, thanks!

twister said...

Thank you Dan, you might want to check this article too:

If you didn't already :)

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