Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AT&T price hike for iPhone early upgrade

Bad news for AT&T customers that were hoping for a cheap iPhone upgrade.

Existing AT&T customers that were planning to upgrade their iPhone(3gs or 4G), must add $50 to the price that new customers, or expiring customers pay.

So now, with the $50 hike, prices for early upgrades are:

"This change reflects the increased costs, while still allowing us to offer customers the latest device before they qualify.", an AT&T spokesman said.

AT&T's "no commitment" prices did not go up and start from $499 for a 8GB iPhone 3GS and go up to $699 for a 32GB iPhone 4, and it's cheaper than Verizon, who charges $650 for a no-commitment 16GB iPhone 4 and $750 for the 32GB model.
Other than that, AT&T also offers a wide range of iPhone versions, with prices starting from $19 for a refurbished iPhone 3GS - 8 GB, while only the 16GB and 32GB versions of iPhone 4G are available with Verizon.