Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free followers on, free facebook likes

In a previous post, I reviewed a very good, well made social exchange portal, I'm talking about
Twiends has been through some changes, the most notable being the removal of the websites tab, which means you may no longer use the service for traffic exchange on your website. Users of the site have been very unhappy with this change, and in my opinion this was not only of losing free traffic to their website, but losing the autopilot way of collecting twiends credits(now called "seeds"). It was very easy to setup an autoclicker and check it from time to time, and it was just credits after credits without even having to give facebook likes, or to follow twitter people you don't know or you don't care or like what they have to say.

But now, for all the unhappy people that mourn the websites tab of twiends, here comes twittfame. Twittfame has been under some heavy redesign and upgrade. After being a simple twitter follow application that you could use by allowing it on twitter, it became a portal very much like twiends, and YES, it has a WEBSITES option!

The interface is simple and easier to use than twiends, you can just click on each tab and watch videos, browse sites, like fanpages, or follow twitter people to collect points. You can add your website, youtube video in the "Your social network" section, on the top right and assign points you are willing to pay per visit. Points can be gained tweeting your referral link, you get 25 points every time you tweet it(there is a four hours limit), and of course you will receive points for every user that signs up from your link.


Jivesh Batra said...

thanks hope it will help me to grow my new blog