Monday, March 21, 2011

Japan Nuclear Alert: Fukushima Reactor 3 could explode

Fukushima nuclear power plant personnel has been evacuated after gray smoke raised from Reactor 3, according to Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) a operator.

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Reactor 3 raises most of the problems as it was damaged by an explosion and is loaded with MOX fuel, a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxide, whose emissions are very harmful.

An TEPCO official said that at 06.55 GMT they received information that gray smoke emerges from Fukushima Reactor 3 and ordered evacuation of workers.

Reactor 3 was the hardest hit by the Richter 9 earthquake, which was followed by a tsunami on March 11, while the upper roof was completely destroyed last week by a powerful explosion caused by a buildup of hydrogen ensuing decompression operations.

Previously to the sudden emergency state that occurred,  Jappan Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, considered that the situation is improving gradually at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, fire fighters and specialists continually acting to avoid a major accident.



twister said...

Things look like are getting worse at Fukushima: