Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Nuclear Alert: California to be hit by Radioactive Cloud

As the radiation level reaches new extremal worrying values, USA government started evacuating American citizen out of Japan.According to a United Nations forecast , Fukishima radioactive cloud is expected to travel over the Pacific Ocean and reach the Aleutian Islands on Thursday. It is expected the radiation cloud to hit California on Friday evening.

According to experts, the radiation level will decrease over time and will have very small effects in the United States

Tune-in here for real time update.

However, everyone knows that governments and governmental organizations, like United Nations, will not tell the entire truth to avoid spreading panic amongst population.

Even though, Japanese government it is to be held responsible for this disaster, it is hard to anticipate a Richter 9 magnitude earthquake.
So in these hard times, let's all pray for the Japanese people and provide all the help we can, because right now, they need all the help in the world!

Pray for Japan... God bless...


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