Thursday, May 5, 2011

In-text context advertisting: Kontera

What is in-text advertising ?

As you already guessed, it is a form of advertising that is published through the textual content of your website. For example, when a user reads your blog article, for some specific words, if they click or mouse-over some words, a small window will pop up and advertise for certain context related products, as presented in the image below:

The contextual advertising system code in the source code of your website will scan the text for keywords and return advertisements related to the content the user is viewing. If the website that uses contextual advertising is a search engine, the visitor will be presented ads related to the keywords of their search/query.
In-text advertising is a somehow special form of contextual advertising. While contextual advertising includes advertisements adjacent to relevant online context, in-text advertising places hyperlinks directly into the text of your webpage.

In my attempts to earn an extra buck from blogging, I decided to give in-text advertising a chance. After closely examining the options, I decided to go with Kontera.

This is the webmasters or website owners category, after signing up, they will publish the advertisements provided by the advertisers.

Kontera ads require no extra space and makes no changes to your website.
If your site generates at least 25k pageviews coming from the US during your first 30 days with Kontera, you qualify for a $50 bonus!

Set up is basically plug and play with the easy-to-install plugins for popular platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal. Get further help and assistance from the knowledge base or email tech support which is very quick to answer and qualified.

The fully detailed reports system provides information like:
- The number of pages where Kontera was able to successfully mark with a ContentLink( also called net impressions);
- The number of clicks on the ContentLink;
- Click-Through Rate - percent of clicks versus net impressions;
And of course, revenue report, additional revenue report(like bonuses) and the average revenue per 1k net impressions(eCPM).
Keyword reports and URL reports are available, so you can see which keywords and URLs generated the most revenue.

Kontera’s Story-Level Targeting delivers unmatched user-experience & results. Your content is interpreted in real time and the most relevant and highest paying ads are served to your users. Work with big-brand advertisers like Ford, Microsoft, Procter&Gamble, Kellog's, Sun, Nintendo and benefit from unique creatives that deliver record-high CTRs and CPC.

Kontera have developed their own In-Text relevance engine, called Kontera Synapse. According to digital market intelligence measurement service, comScore, Synapse delivers advertiser performance that’s five times greater than traditional display advertising, and with the new topical-targeting capabilities also provides a platform for a new class of related information and related search applications. For attaining superior brand engagement and campaign results,  two complementary capabilities have been introduced: Cost Per View (CPV) pricing and PerformancePLUS, a continuous optimization capability that boosts brand awareness and direct response campaigns by as up to 30 percent. ComScore studied the advertiser performance characteristics of Kontera Synapse engine over a three-month period before releasing the results.


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