Thursday, May 19, 2011

CashParking with Go Daddy

The most important part of it all is choosing the domain name, I didn't spend too much time choosing mine, so all I could come up with was

I was planning to build a live scores website with maybe some (live?) video streams. Didn't have the time to do it, so I dropped the website dead for a while, I did get to the point where I was making a banner for it :)
Just the other day I remembered that upon registering the domain, I saw a "Cash Parking" option under my Go Daddy account.

At that point Cash Parking seemed exactly what I needed, money from my domains' parked pages. So I went for the Basic plan, they also have a Premium one, next to each plan they have some prices, but it did not occur to me that I will actually have to pay for Cash Parking additionally to the 40% of the revenue that also goes to Godaddy(20% in the Premium plan). 

Pricing is:

1 month:          Just $4.99/mo
12 months:      Just $4.49/mo Save 10%
24 months:      Just $3.99/mo Save 20%

for Basic and

1 month:          Just $9.99/mo
12 months:      Just $8.99/mo Save 10%
24 months:      Just $7.99/mo Save 20%

for Premium.

Your domain does not have to be registered Go Daddy to take advantage of CashParking, but you will have to park the names with Go Daddy in order to begin monetization. If the domain name is home to a web site, CashParking will replace that web site. 

After you pick a plan, use the bulk edit tool to add your domain(s) to your CashParking portfolio.

The number of domains you can add is unlimited. You will have to change domain name servers to the Go Daddy parkweb servers for CashParking. After that, ads will be presented on your domain's parked page.

Revenue payment is based on the plan you opted for, Basic or Premium.
US customers receive payment monthly, while International customers will receive payment quarterly. See some samples for domain parked pages here.

Whether it works for you, or not, or how much money you make, it is up to you, your audience and how you advertise your domain.


crawlingsurrface said...

Nice blog. I was just surfing to see what other blogs there were related to cash parking and well here you are. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Good post. :) I'm confused on the advertising though. I was told that I couldn't advertise my cashparks as I was going to put links on my main website to them. The terms are very confusing :( When I asked GoDaddy they just said get legal advice. No help at all.